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The Great Drake
He rose from the ground as the very earth split in a series of jagged scars
Molten lava would burst from these wounds, as his wings eclisped the shimmering stars...
The Great Drake Serogar, once laid to rest in the warm womb of Gaia
Had once again awakened, to discipline those who had earned his ire.
Humans and Dragons were killing each other, senselessly bathing in the coldest of blood
Yet all their efforts amounted to nothing and opened the gates for a terrible flood...
For in the realms of the Nether; where the creatures drank of the dark well of Midnight
A rift had been torn of violence and hatred, spawning the children of Blight.
The demonkin arose from this artificial scar, fueled only by their need to destroy
The forces of darkness laughed at us blatantly, for this had been their devious ploy!
Serogar shook his head and cried piteously, for this was not the world of which he had dreamed
He roared defiantly at the creatures of darkness and met them bravely as he screamed:
No c
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 175 62
Creation Myth
Many, many moons ago
Lived a young God and his father.
The first, the God of Fire.
The latter, God of water.
The wise old God was making
A present for his boy.
The eager God of Fire
Sat waiting for his toy.
For weeks the old God tinkered
And amazed by it all,
He proudly showed his son
His pretty, lush green ball.
"It's called Earth," he told the little one.
"But the work has made me tired.
I'm going to nap, don't touch a thing!"
And he left the God of Fire.
The God of Fire was grateful,
But wanted something more.
He'd use his mind to make new things,
Since that's what Gods are for.
So he set out on a mission,
To create life big and small.
He wanted things to live together
On his perfect little ball.
He said, "These I shall call people!
And these I shall call mice!"
He created many, many things
And said...
"Wow! My ball is nice!"
So proud was he of what he'd done,
He thought that he should be
Upon the Earth, amongst his friends
Roaming wild and free.
He travelled far and wide,
From the
:iconyomalyn:yomalyn 33 41
The Wolf
I am the wolf,
The ruler of the north,
The proud, the noble, and the truthful,
My kind won't lead you to anything less than fruitful.
Queen of the northern lights,
Queen of the northern nights,
I live for the winter and the cold,
A story that has never been told.
I am strong and swift,
I run through the Alaskan snow drifts,
But I'm also smart and wise.
Nothing can take me by surprise.
To man, I may be a dog,
But that can change in the icy fog,
My howl cuts through the night,
And causes the poor man fright.
Don't be alarmed,
I don't mean you any harm,
Unless you dare tread into my pack
Showing me the intellect you lack.
I can take down a deer with ease,
Smell a herd of prey on a breeze,
Outsmart a bear for an easy meal,
And make the other animals kneel.
I am the wolf,
The ruler of the north,
My pack will continue to defend,
And my reign will never end.
:iconwinterwolf10:WinterWolf10 181 43
deviation car by gothic-wish deviation car :icongothic-wish:gothic-wish 129 44 Car. by sunshine-hair Car. :iconsunshine-hair:sunshine-hair 114 15 The car by Hellstorm1223 The car :iconhellstorm1223:Hellstorm1223 174 29 car in colour by Dyvyna car in colour :icondyvyna:Dyvyna 502 70 cable car by PishkoLensi cable car :iconpishkolensi:PishkoLensi 661 33 cable car by abcdxyz cable car :iconabcdxyz:abcdxyz 1,123 85 A Car by Jass84 A Car :iconjass84:Jass84 701 120 Car by Shuttercolour Car :iconshuttercolour:Shuttercolour 212 88
Midnight Revenge (Hug a Tiny Day)
The rush across the neighborhood had worn Aiden out. He finally reached the house he was looking for: a two-story with off-white bricks. The lights were on, which was definitely a good sign for him. Panting, he jogged up the pathway to the door, glancing at his watch as he did so.
Fifteen minutes until midnight. He could make it, he assured himself gleefully.
Standing under the illumination of the porch light, he rapped his knuckles against the red, wooden front door. Nothing happened, so he tried knocking louder. There was an audible reaction this time; the sound of at least four muffled female voices began chattering over each other rapidly inside the house.
"Someone's at the door!" That had to be Charlotte's little voice.
"We heard it, dummy! Shush!" Veronica, being her usual snappy self.
Then came Leslie's nervous tone. "Th-That can't be him, can it?"
"Hang on, let me check." Aiden saw movement come from the living room window out of the corner of his eye. Karen's surprised face wa
:iconkimstaticchild:kimstaticchild 40 13
Moving | Oneshot
" Does this look crooked to you?"
Now, before anything else can be said, Ryan didn't want to move. He thought their old apartment was beyond perfect for the two of them. Leaky faucets weren't too bad when you didn't focus on them. Cracks in the wall only added character! And that's not even considering their old place's view; A little balcony looking over a city skyline, doubling as a wondrous neon light show when the sun went down.
However, his lovely fiancée didn't see its beauty.
Leaky faucets kept her up at night and cracks in the wall only worked on her nerves. Kiera had already made it clear that before their life together could start, the lease for that 'busted shack' had to end. A crucial decision between his very first place and his soon-to-be wife.
A tough choice for sure.
But Ryan's answer had gotten him right where he was now; surrounded by cardboard boxes and white walls. Not to mention with his arms reaching above his head, attempting to fix an odd-angled painting. I
:iconanhartnight:AnhartNight 24 14
Blind Dates ch 4
Blind Dates
Chapter 4- Dude, where's my car?
Rosie's POV
"Wesley! Let her go! She didn't mean it!" I heard Jack yell.
You see, a few minutes ago, I had gotten a lot of courage built up. And I felt brave enough to go and tell off Jack's older brother. He was kinda making a good point right now.
"O-okay, I'm sorry!! No, please don't!" I managed to squeak out, staring in horror as he stood. His hand rose to the ceiling, dangling me over the floor. "Please! Please, no!" Suddenly there wasn't anything holding on. Just as quickly as I started a scream of terror, I landed on something leathery.
"Wesley, knock it off!" I heard, wind blowing all around me. Moaning, I opened my eyes and glanced around. All I could see was a big grey fabric engulfing my body.
I did recognize Wesley's laugh. "C'mon, Jack, I woulda caught her!" He said, his voice full of amusement. "Either way, I forgive her! That was fun!" He clapped his hands together loudly, grabbed a few cookies, and left. Woozily I pressed aga
:iconinotnedloh:InotNedloh 37 49
Blind Dates ch2
Blind Dates-
Chapter 2-
Rosie's POV
I froze in my tracks, staring in horror as this giant being called out my name. He lifted my poor car again! It looked like one of those miniature models of cars in his hands, causing me to shiver again. I quickly realized that he was preoccupied with the car, so I ran towards one of the trees, screaming once again when he yelled something.
I looked back to him for a split second, running into some leathery thing. Backing away, I realized it was his hand. No, no, no! I did NOT come out looking for a date to have THIS happen! I quickly spun and ran off to the left, stopping when my own car came down to block my path. I yelped, fidgeting to open the car door.
"Rosalyn?" The giant asked again, causing me to freeze and look up at him. I flinched, realizing that it probably wasn't the best idea to let him know who I was. I didn't know why, but for some reason this giant knew my name. I was determined to make that the only thing he knew. Opening the
:iconinotnedloh:InotNedloh 47 18
Practically Kidnapped ch1
Ch1. Why couldn't it have been money?
Rose's pov
Last week was a good week. My mom and I went to the market to buy a few things and it was over all a fun trip. I liked it. Who wouldn't, though? Sifting through random stuff that doesn't belong to you, silently judging others based on what they bought and are undoubtably going to throw away later. It's great, really.
But this week... Mom was too happy, too excited. Hell, she was always excited, but this morning she flew into my room, not literally, at least, but she pulled me out of bed with the biggest smile on her face. I thought we had won a million dollars or something. Ooooh how I wish it had been a million dollars. Maybe just a hundred...not sure why she'd be excited about a hundred, but hey.
"Get dressed, pack a bag," she yelled, releasing me to pull out a floral backpack and an ugly black suitcase from the depths of my closet. I barely had time to wet my lips, readying myself to ask a questio
:iconinotnedloh:InotNedloh 71 43


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